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Thursday, November 12, 2009

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- it's funny how finding a job nowadays is as important and as difficult as getting accepted into University!!! Everyone keeps asking about the what's happening with you? any luck? and then after that you get to hear all the congratulations, which are just as warm and just as sincere as the ones said when doing the biggest achievements in life. And then you get to feel so proud .. like so so proud. As if you've just won a Noble prize!! Well, it makes sense of course, when finding the right job takes a year these days.

- I am an expert when it comes to job interviews. I know what will be asked, and what is the best answer. I know how to stay calm and to get myself out of anything awkward .. but still, I wanted to blog about one of the weirdest, freakiest, most difficult job interviews I've ever had,- where no previous preparation, no self confidence, no whatever would have helped, and where there was no one best answer. It seriously made me dizzy... the kind of dizziness you get from all the confusion.

Some stuff should never be blogged, it shouldn't even be mentioned. I thank God I was smart enough not to blog about it. And now I know for a fact that good things do happen, and that's when you least expect them.

- When one door closes, a thousand new doors open. I know It sounds cliched. I would've hit anyone who came to me with such a phrase a month or so ago. But it's true! We all have our black and white days, the great things about going through the black ones, is knowing that the white days are yet to come.

- There was a time in my life where I used to pray for a 'major change' every single night. But now i know that was a big mistake. I am praying for a change now, it doesn't have to be major to a crazy extreme though. Just a change.

- I thought that you need to be looking at amazing nature and landscape in order to get the right shot, but I just realized that you can get the best shot regardless of where you are. You can brighten your lens and make the best of any surrounding environment- you just need enough determination.

- My fingers keep typing F A C E B OO K unconsciously, every time I open my Firefox window. I was this addicted to FB with all its fake Kodak moments. Now I feel that me being that addicted, and me having this strong determination to deal with that addiction, gave me the realization that I am not as weak as I used to think. It made me appreciate this inner determination that goes missing sometimes, but comes back stronger than ever when it is needed the most.

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