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Monday, November 16, 2009

New vs Old when it comes to iPod shuffle

Is it only me who thinks the iPod shuffle - old design is nicer than the new one?

I think I prefer the old design with the circle in the middle and all the options +, - , <<, >>. I don't like the fact that with the new button-less generation the navigation controls are moved onto the headphones.
The absence of button is cool, I agree, but Im one of those people who find convenience and practicallity in the old iPod shuffle.

I am not a big fan of the one button, nine commands thing -
The new iPod Shuffle has a central button that accepts many user commands. In fact, this ‘one button’ handles 9 inputs:

  • click
  • click & hold
  • double-click & hold (fast forward)
  • triple-click & hold (rewind)
  • triple-click and hold within 6 seconds
  • triple-click and hold after 6 seconds
  • click until a tone is played
  • click until you hear a name
  • click & hold until exit

I think I miss my old shuffle! But at least the one I have now is 4GB.. this should make me happy!!!



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