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Saturday, November 07, 2009

the tendency to complicate things

when I think of all the people I know, the way they live and deal with things, the way they solve their problems, the 'problems' they have .. whether big or small, their future plans and how they protect their families and homes.. I see a big difference. A huge difference in people's perspectives..

But one thing we all have in common, is the fact that no matter how happy we are.. and no matter how peaceful our life is, we always tend to complicate things.. we tend to look for perfection..
there will always be something missing no matter how fulfilling our life is, and there will always be something that is not right no matter how good our life is.
There is something missing. Why can't we just count our blessings and be content! Why can't we ever know the meaning of satisfaction?

It is really hard to complain about simple or silly things for those with bigger problems and more serious issues.. they're not the right people to talk to, they don't and won't understand, and you will not be getting the sympathy you are looking for... so you'd better go look for it somewhere else.
It is funny though how we seem to look at those as the lucky ones, because for them everything is just simple.. any problem and every problem can be solved. But nothing comes easy.. they went through all the difficult stages to get to where they are and to have this attitude towards life.

And the fact that we weigh problems differently makes life easier to bear .. because it simply makes us more aware of our inner strength and more in control of our emotions and actions.

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  • At November 08, 2009 , Blogger Abdelfattah said...

    I couldn't express better :)

    Do you think we complicate all things? I mean, there are things which are really complicated at a certain age, to get the experience to simplify it, should take some time leaving it complicated at that time.


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