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Monday, January 14, 2008

It's healthy to be BACK

Going back home the first time is a must. Being homesick can be hidden deep inside you without realizing it.. it might be something that's haunting you but you keep pushing it away, until it just hits you and you can't take it anymore, yet you don't know what exactly is going wrong..
it's when your life is split into two, when you're doing one thing here but thinking of what can be done there.. it's then when you should think that maybe you need to enjoy what you have more and stop thinking about the what 'might be'..

The good thing about being back is that it gets you to face reality and your true feelings. And when you make sure that your family is doing great.. friends are cool.. everything is just the way it is, the way it was just before you leave.. you'd miss it back there.. you'd miss being away!
When you get to spend some lonely mornings, while everyone is at work.. it's then when you realize that they're all moving with their lives but you are in this unexplainable break.. and you just need to move on.. just like everyone else!

Being home for the first time, makes you value what you had.. treasure what you experienced while being away.. It gives you all the strength that was not there, especially when you finally believe that your parents are happy when you're happy.. they are proud of you when you're achieving your dreams.. being far doesn't mean that they would love you any less, on the contrary it just means that they respect your choice in building the future.. and they would love you just as much, if not even more..

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