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Thursday, January 31, 2008

just Be yourself, will you?!

A small advice, you will never get to that level.. no matter how much you try! so will you just give up and be yourself, and stop being a copy cat for a change. It's funny how some people spend their whole life tying to be someone else, when all they get is one fall after another..

Stop looking for what others have, and just enjoy being you. If it's the 'you' who you want to change, and you're not fully satisfied with who you are then you have a serious problem, cause nothing will change the reality.. Im enjoying the imitation, it gives me more pleasure to know that you still have that kind of empty life and that same poor pathetic nature. A 'wanna be' follower will get you to no where.. look for your real identity and maybe one day- who knows- you'll probably get the peace of mind you're still, and will always be looking for.

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