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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not another 'SNOW' post

As Im sitting here, and it's so humid and HOT, I envy everyone back there who is enjoying the snow. Ok, I admit it, I have never really liked when it used to snow cause I felt that it's ruining my outings and plans. But now that Im not there, I feel Im missing out on something.

Though this is not another SNOW post. Thank God! I don't really feel like seeing any snow photos. I think I have seen so many for one day.

It's about chocolate. We had this chocolate night, and decided to go to the 'just chocolate' place where they have nothing but chocolate. And instead of going there for dessert which is what everyone really does, we decided we'll have chocolate for dinner.

At first it was pretty cool, since everything looked delicious and was delicious up till I felt I can't see any chocolate for the next couple of weeks! So everything is not only filled with chocolate, but comes with a chocolate dip too, so it's double if not triple the dose. I literally felt the chocolate coming out of my nose and ears!!! I don't really believe in those places, I mean seriously no matter how much you love chocolate, you wouldn't feel like going there more than once a month if not less..

Though I really wonder how long will it take me to change my mind, and think oh God I want that chocolate brownie and white chocolate dip RIGHT NOW!



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