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Friday, January 25, 2008

songs.. and more

it's amazing how songs can always bring back a certain memory, they would make you live that moment again and again no matter where you are or who you become. One song would get me back to that cheerful child, sitting with dad in his old white car, going to school every morning.. talking about everything and anything, just to make sure that my sleepy dad would be all awake when he drives back.

Another would just get me back to all the summers we used to spend in the pool all day long.. the burning sun, the strong lovely smell of coconut oil, the french fries and ketchup.. they used to play Fairouz every single morning, teery ya tiyyara teery.. i can still remember the exact words, our laughs and fights on whose jump was more impressive.

There are certain songs that would remind me of the drives we used to take.. me and my two sisters, and the times we used to go the malls.. which became more or less like a habit, even if that meant to go there only for an ice cream or a nice walk!

Others would just get me back in time, where I used to drive with friends, open the windows, and sing loudly.. get all the energy out, and just enjoy.. the louder the better..

I would remember this phase where I was waiting for something to happen, I would spend hours on the computer playing brainless games and listening to music.. I wanted to relax without having to worry about anything.. as if there is nothing in the world that matters anymore. And those songs would get me back to that state of mind, where I go numb..

But our wedding's first dance song will always be the one that brings joy and happiness to my heart.. it would get me back to that dance floor, with family and friends standing around.. looking and smiling at us.. my mom and sisters' tearful eyes.. as much as I was scared of that dance, as much as I enjoyed it. Everything turned to black, and it was just me and my hubby.. I memorized the words.. and I was there singing with all my heart.. as I hear it again, it gives me goose bumps. I remember every step, every move, every smile.. as it was only yesterday.

Songs representing pain, love, tears, loss, hatred, hope, faith, and loneliness.. songs reminding us of certain people that were part of our lives... songs that are linked to an event, to a place or a face.. they all still exist, and they still have that same effect regardless of what, where, or how!

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