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Friday, February 15, 2008

Little Losers!

Jay Jays - which is a fashion retailer had recently their new line of the 'Little Losers clothing'. The funny thing is those t-shirts are mainly worn by teenagers and they play on the Mr Men characters featuring slogans such as Miss Bitch, Mr Asshole, Mr Well Hung, Miss Floozy and Mr Drunk!!! And sold as cool and trendy reflecting the teenage rebellion.

Now I believe the outrage was a justified reaction caused by this line to parents who were calling to pull the 'lewd' t-shirts.

I think this is far away from being trendy! I mean how would someone walk in the streets wearing such a t-shirt feel proud, cool or good about it!! seriously!

Though I must admit that this would make a really nice gift if sent to certain people with attitude problems..!

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