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Monday, February 04, 2008

on relationships

This is the topic that everyone talked and wrote about at least once, if not more. It is an interesting topic, and I personally can't skip a post that touches any aspect of it.

But I sometimes wonder, how come we always try to analyze it.. in an attempt to come up with advices, solutions, or just write down our thoughts and share what we think we know .. talk out of experience or just for the sake of talking ..when deep inside we all believe it's a subject that doesn't really need so much thinking. Each and every relationship is different.. you just can't compare or give advices based on what you have been through.. simply because that was another thing.. each relationship has different circumstances, and conditions that are related and linked to that certain one in particular.

Some people say we have learned lessons from what we have been through, but I think this should not be the case.. it happens that what is deep inside lives with you.. grows with you.. and you can't be thinking of what you are currently living based on what you have learned. You don't need to do that.. things that happened were history, that was past and you can't drag it to the present! It's a buried chapter.. and most probably they won't happen again. You can't live every minute expecting the worst... and you can't let fears control you.

This is why I would always say that relationships are not a topic to analyze .. you can't feel confident enough or in the right position to give advices regarding what or how should relationships be. It is something that each and everyone should experience on his own.. live.. and keep everyone out of it! In most disagreements between couples, when people get involved it might get worse not better. Unfortunately, there are many people out there (they might even be relatives or close friends) who don't realize how sensitive things can get or be. A sentence or a simple word that is said without deep thinking might add fuel to the fire..

Relationships can be extremely complicated, this is why I learned that if there are problems between two partners.. and if i don't have anything positive to say then it's better not to say a thing. No one really knows what happens inside the house but the people who live in it.. so regardless of all that is said and shared, there will always be some issues that only the two really know.

It is a topic I personally enjoy.. It is more like a mystery.. no matter how far you think you reach or how wise you think you are, you'd be surprised to learn that there is still more to know and this is only the beginning..

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