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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spice it Up

Im not sure if this is the best advice or whether it will work for everyone, cause Im really new in this.. I started cooking recently, just a month ago.. and so far Im really enjoying it. Before we do our grocery shopping, I prepare this list of all the dishes I'll be cooking for the week, and then according to that we'll buy what we need.

But I believe that what really matters and give the delicious taste is not the way you cook.. it's not what vegetables you use, ingredients.. or how much you leave it on fire.. etc. It's what kind of spices you use. It's very important to use the right spices for the right dish and with the right quantity. So much spices can ruin the whole thing.. some spices can be so strong and make you lose the taste of everything else.

All the recipes I got from my mom and mother in law had the arabic spices in them. It is an essential part of the arabic cooking I guess. And since Im not the so 'meat/ chicken' person.. I had to buy all the different spices to mix with them.

My favorite ones are the lemon pepper, which is used with the chicken and I just love how magical this thing is. And the other one is the HOT Cajun Seasoning.. this is unbelievable! I use it with anything and everything.. I put it on the chicken, eggs, meat, rice with curry, Quesadillas, and even with normal sandwiches.

So if you want the delicious taste, just Spice it Up!

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