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Thursday, March 27, 2008

it's easy to tell

It would be more fun to get some exciting unexpected news from time to time.. but what I find extremely strange is that even those whom I lost contact with and now we're back in touch, I wasn't surprised to know their news.

Even for those who were with me in elementary school it was easy to tell who would get married early.. who would be having children by now, who is pursuing a master's degree.. who is leading a normal peaceful life as a housewife.. who is having a good career and who will stay where they are for years to come. It's either that all the signs would show from an early age of how each and everyone will want to live his life and where he will be.. or it's simply because people get what best suit them or what they can handle best.

I remember someone told me, 'I can't imagine you living where I am, and at the same time I can't imagine me living where you are.. !', and when I thought about it.. it is so very true. And it's exactly the same way I feel too.

What a positive thing to think about and remember !



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