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Saturday, May 10, 2008


This is the first time when I feel sad because my boss is leaving. The news was extremely shocking and unexpected! She was not only the one who interviewed and employed me .. but she was someone who made me believe that working here is fun even when it is about reconciliations and even when it's about dealing with scary, too complicated, humongous amount of data.

So she was not only the financial manager, but someone who's fun- and usually you don't get to see both in one person.

I have never imagined being this sad when a manager leaves. But I am! It's like a solid base is no longer there.. and I don't like all the new things that will be planned for the coming months accordingly, precisely after her departure.

yeah.. it is scary! the more I think about it.. the worse I feel. Why does it always have to be like this, great professionals are the ones who normally leave when everyone around is laid back .. not the other way around!

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