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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Maybe I should just quit!

Ok I must admit, maybe I should not be dealing with washing machines anymore! So after the nail polish small accident , I had plenty of interesting ones... It's only getting worse! Though I won't mention the tissues and how bad they stick to clothes.. Im sure it happens to everyone .. or I hope so!

1- one time and because of being in a hurry I ended up putting OMO in the wrong container, and after not only drying the clothes, but ironing them as well.. I realized when I wanted to use the washing machine again a few days later that the OMO was still there.. so I had to repeat the whole process again. I swear i was close to tears. This is how frustrating and time consuming it is.

2- With a new washing machine, we forgot -and don't ask me why-to remove the shipping bolts, so it used to make not only the floor but the whole place shaking when spinning. Till we realized what's the problem and dealt with it. I still laugh when I remember that adventurous phase of not knowing why is it shaking so badly, and how funny it was trying to keep it still!

3- The other morning, while I was half awake, I decided it's time to do some laundry. While drinking my coffee and trying to start with some studying, I kept hearing those noises (which Im becoming more familiar with).

And I thought it's nothing really. But it turned out to be SOMETHING BIG. My hubby had his mobile's earpiece inside one of his jackets and he didn't know I will be super energetic and decide all of a sudden that it's time to wash everything.. the good thing though, which leads to the fact that Nokia might not be bad after all -although I prefer Sony Ericsson, the earpiece still works! YES! After all the washing and spinning.. which is absolutely GREAT.

4- As Im writing this, there is those noises, AGAIN! .. Im sick of hearing them.. Im wondering what is it though this time?! nail polish?! makeup? or I will keep the guessing till it stops. It's freaking me out! Damn it!

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