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Sunday, August 24, 2008

photo albums

I went to print some digital photos in one of the kiosks today, it was very convenient.. cheap and easy to use. And because I hate to wait I used the 'print now' ones.. the quality was ok and not bad at all!

But I just can't stop wondering - in such a virtual world, where digital cameras are replacing the old ones - and people seem to count on having photos just stored on their PCs and sometimes backed up.. how would the babies of today feel years from now about their 'Baby photo albums'.. would they be satisfied with virtual photo albums?

I think it's pretty sad.. I wouldn't want this to happen to my kids, it's like not having something touched... something REAL.

Im seeing it happening everywhere.. parents are just getting lazy and they're counting more and more on those digital photos! There are more photos taken when it's digital - I agree, it costs nothing really to take photos, and I agree on the fact that this way people can actually chose which ones to print, but I wouldn't say that this can in any way replace the real photo albums..

And it's just the same for digital frames.. they will in no way replace the normal frames!



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