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Thursday, August 28, 2008

TAKEN, bad and YUCKY

Im so not into rating movies etc, although Im so into watching them.. to the degree that I've found a hard time looking at a movie that I haven't watched on the 15 hours flight!!

I have watched TAKEN last Tuesday, and it was one of the movies I REALLY enjoyed. It made me feel bad for watching 'Wanted' in the cinema. I thought this one is just awesome and there is no comparison between the two. However, for those who have watched it.. did you notice anything shocking somewhere in the middle?

And for those who didn't.. Im not sure whether to say you should!

Although it was one of the best movies I've seen this year, I felt shocked from one of the scenes! They had this 'Qatari' car's plate and they intended to show it more than 10 times. The word 'Qatar' was actually written in Arabic, and the numbers too.. They also used the arabic language in some parts but it was obvious that this has been previously taped. By using the word 'shocked' and disgusted Im sure you'd know by now that the whole thing was representing something BAD and yucky. There's no doubt about that..

It is sad to see such a thing, I lost focus when I saw it.. I didn't even care about what was happening at the end. One thing was on my mind.. How dare they, what a shame!



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