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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sad Goodbyes

Today was my last day at work as a casual for the USYD Veterinary Financial Department. I didn't have a good sleep last night.. last days always make me sad!

As soon as I got to the office I found this huge bouquet of pink flowers on my desk.

I was so shocked and impressed that I did not pay attention to the card next to it.. so I was thanking the three people working with me in the same office, and kept saying how great the flowers are, and how nice of them, and how the tea party they were having for me was more than enough, and that they shouldn't have brought them .. how I wish I had my camera with me... wow, yay, all those kind of things

till all of a sudden one of them was like, we are so happy that you liked them.. sorry but those flowers are not from us!!! We were waiting for you to come, read the card and tell us who sent those beautiful pink flowers!

It was so damn funny.

It turned out the flowers and the pink glittery card were from the financial manager who had to spend the day in another city but wanted to make sure that I get them in my last day..

Super sweet! I would definitely remember the pink flowers instead of the sad goodbyes.

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