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Sunday, April 12, 2009

ha..? What are you trying to say?!

Some ads are seriously getting on my nerves. And the reason why Im saying this is because they're so desperate that they would say anything- and I mean anything- to get you into the buying mode. But the thing is no one would want to come close to products with those ads' quotes.

' if you don't eat chicken there's something wrong with you.. ' - chicken ad
What's with the 'there's something wrong with you' part. What would you say to all the Vegetarian people out there? Do you seriously think by saying this people would jump and go buy chickens! I'd say the opposite.

' Think smart.. get Fox***' - Fo*tel
So are you implying that 'otherwise.. you are an IDIOT?'
I would consider this an offensive kinda ad. I don't -and repeat, DON'T- want to ever get your Fo*tel.

And recently I came across this,

I like the concept of the Miche Bag, and appreciate the fact that it is there to make the life of women easier with all the different colorful changeable covers to minimize the frustration we all get with the accompanying need of buying different bags for all the different outfits. Alternatively, you can buy the one Miche Bag, and just change the covers.

But what I don't understand is this ↑ on their website. What's with the 'Good, Better, Best' presentation.. I mean Hello, those who will buy the Miche Bag are women and not school girls. So what's the difference between the best and good?
Is it with the quality of the bag?... clearly Not!!
Is it with the quality of the covers? ... No!!
It's only with the quantity and the fact that you will be paying more! So is this their pure understanding of what the 'best' represents!!! Based on what?!

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