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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


It seems that I have a thing for the latest fashion trends, clothes, all types of accessories. That would include make up too! I just can’t handle it, if Im walking in the street I don’t just window shop but I end up trying things on and buying what I like.
It doesn’t matter how late I am or if I am to meet up with someone, cause it’s just like this, if I see something that I like I just go and check it out.. Nothing can stop me, it’s like having this extra uncontrollable energy and I feel like letting it out.

It doesn’t only stop here, I also look at people in the street, I like to see what’s in style.. shoes, skirts, sandals, even hair bands and hats!! And I pay attention for the smallest details, accessories, sunglasses and the latest nail polish colour. Whether the color of the month is red or orange.. it all matters! And I really wonder why on earth haven’t I studied anything that has to do with fashion or design!!!

So I decided to bring it all here.. YES! Im going to blog about it. FASHION! But the fashion here, which is more or less different than anywhere else!!Im learning to enjoy it though, I see it as part of the adaptation since it’s something that MATTERS to me, so I have to live with it.. but to buy clothes here would mean you can’t wear them anywhere else. Both the colors and designs would have something to do with the beach.. it’s very simple.

I have never in my whole life seen the amount of flip flops (which are called or known as ‘thongs’ here!).. you see them everywhere! Actually in the summer you see nothing else but ‘thongs’. And the crazy thing is that they’re simple and dull. In winters, when it's raining you'd be seeing them too!
The Havaianas thongs which are seen everywhere look like this.

But you can’t but have one at least.. they’re pretty comfortable even for long distance walking. I wear them to university, to the beach, to the city.. everywhere and anywhere! Though what’s so uncool is when you get the weird tan lines when wearing them in a sunny day!

As for the clothes, and because of the really hot weather, I can understand why the wide beach dresses are sold everywhere, but they’re very simple too. And not cheap taking into consideration that they’re not to be worn in Amman anywhere except for the pool!

It took me a while to accept it, and to realize that for a party, wearing a –dull, one colour- thong would do.. or even to university a beach dress would look nice! And I found it hard at the beginning to get used to the brand names since most of them are either Australian (with a beach style) or Asian, but now Im getting to like it… and the great thing is that you can wear whatever you want, and have all the mixed colours in a single outfit without getting any weird looks!

You get to be who you are.. without caring what others think or say… and be as simple as you can cause it’s 'you' who make a difference and not what you’re wearing!

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