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Sunday, February 03, 2008


I must admit that I LOVE the Crocs Shoes on children. This should be just for under 5 . Why?!

Simply because the Jibbitz make all the difference.

They come in all the shapes children love. It is an idea that honestly makes me jealous. It is a very successful business because it has it all:

- They're sold at a relatively high price (per one), children would not get bored of them.. why would they when they come in different shapes and colors.

Each child would have AT LEAST two (one for each pair), and this is at least.. assuming that this is an easy going child who listens to the parents and is easy to satisfy!

- It's a full of surprises business. It doesn't stop here. And in order not to limit them for children, there are also - activities, horoscopes, awareness - for adults Jibbitz.

And new products are also released, so they won't only be linked to Crocs shoes! Now they also sell keychain jibbitz,

Crocs Shoe shape Mobile Holders, Small Bags, Straps and even Wristbands.

This is what I call 'smart business'!!

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