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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


... It is one of the craziest things to do...!!! For the simple reason that you'll end up buying more than you want or need. Not only that but because of all the funky stuff, and the cool designs and colors.. you would get what you already have just for the hell of it..

They are definitely using its huge size to their best advantage by putting the arrows on the floor to give you direction 'in order for you not to get lost'. But those arrows are not only there for this one purpose... THIS IS the best way to guarantee that everyone would check out every single department and see all the offers and discounts on the way.. and start to fill his Ikea yellow bag as soon as he sets his foot inside!

It is affordable furniture that is both functional and well designed.. you can mix, match, and combine in all the different ways by finding all the sizes, themes, colors and designs. So basically you can find all what you want.. imagine.. or think of .. and more!

The great thing about what they sell is that it's capable of proving that you can be excused for having a boring taste but not dull furniture. They offer creativity even in what's simple and plain!

Whether it is a photo frame, or a wall frame.. a bathroom mat or a brush.. a candle holder or a garlic crusher.. I just love it all!!!

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