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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


This is getting really scary.. Im seeing everything with a marketer's eye. I thought I won't turn to one of those people, but I guess it's happening.

What was interesting recently is a new approach to market different products on facebook by using the untraditional way. And for me untraditional = different = unique = creative.

So now instead of paying $1 for each gift you send on facebook, - and let me tell you those ones are PRECIOUS. Because they cost money, and they're rare. They're not free, so you don't get to feel cheap- different products are being advertised by giving you the chance to send them as free gifts. I like the idea.. though I don't like what they offer, because most of the times the shapes are dull and you have to make a story when you send it to go with what you're saying and not to sound dumb..

You get to read the, 'im sending it because it's free' kinda thing a lot lately.

But i like the idea itself. I think it's very creative and smart. You'd get to see the product on so many facebook profile pages that will be seen by many people.. and I don't think it costs them that much.


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